wall protection


The Linea’Punch protection rail is the perfect
alliance between impact resistance and design.
Its uncluttered line helps it merge with the decor, and
matches perfectly the Linea’Touch handrail for an
aesthetic and high-performance solution throughout
the building.
Its narrow bevelled end pieces minimise projection
and reduce the distance to door frames, and
the wall-hugging profile makes for easy cleaning and
maximum hygiene. It is easy and quick to install,
thanks to its double clipping.
It provides effective and discreet protection for walls
exposed to heavy trolley traffic in corridors, access
areas and storage rooms (hospitals, clinics,
retirement homes, labs, clean rooms, hotels,
restaurants, schools).


Model: Linea’Punch protection rail
• Height: 180 mm
• Depth: 25 mm
• Length: 4 m
• Material: 2.5 mm thick antibacterial PVC
with solid colour
• Surface finish: matified with central boss
Fixing components: aluminium brackets
(optional: continuous aluminium rail) • Colours: 32 standard (6 standard and
26 colours on request


• Description:
Flat wall protection rail with a central
boss from matified and antibacterial PVC
with solid colour. PVC profile projects 25
mm, is 180 mm high and 2.5 mm thick. It provides a
matified surface finish and snap-fixes onto
aluminium brackets or continuous aluminium rail
(optional) made more robust by an exclusive ‘omega’
shape. A protective film is specified to minimise
cleaning before acceptance The upper and lower
parts of the profile are smooth, bevelled and edged
with strengthened lips to hold the profile tightly
against the wall and minimise dust traps. Finish is
provided by slim bevelled end pieces (16.5 mm
wide). This wall protection rail achieves an impact
resistance in excess of 110 Joules, i.e., an impact of
more than 320 kg travelling at 3 kmh. The PVC is
100% antibacterial, 100% washable.

No heavy metals are used in its manufacture.
100% of the product are recyclable.

32 (6 standard and 26 colours on request) Selected by architects from manufacturer’s standard range.
Installation method:
Recommended height of protection rail centreline 0.80 m above floor level for mid-level wall protection or on top of the skirting for low level wall protection. Snap-fixes to aluminium brackets spaced at 0.75 m centres or
continuous aluminium core (optional).


Apricot 0022
Wicker 0007
Ultramarine 0019
Straw 0021
Slate 0033
Sienna 0009
Schicst 0005
sand 0008
Poppy 0028
Pebble 0011
Melon 0027
Meadow 0023
Magnolia 0034
Lavender grey 0015
Ivory 0006
Iris 0030
Greige 0012
Pebble 0011
Granite 0004
Glacier 0016
Garnet 0029
Flint 0032
Emerald 0025
Denim 0020
Cinnamon 0014
Chalk 0001
Bluebell 0017
Basalt 0036
Bark 0010
Bamboo 0024
Alum 0031
Azur 0018


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