wall protection and covering panel


Wall protection for large surfaces in order to cover all parts exposed to impact. This panel can be used in
rooms and corridors (healthcare institutions, schools, etc.) and both in operating theatres or cleanrooms.

The product can be thermoformed for use on round pillars (diameter under 800 mm) and to ensure a perfect hygiene in the angles.
Its finish is subtle and matt for a muted, sober appearance with all the usual levels of resistance to
impact, scratches, wear and chemical agents.


Model: Decochoc protection and covering panel
Standard dimensions: 3 m x 1.30 m
Custom options: cutting to size
• Thickness: 2 mm

Material: antibacterial PCV
• Surface finish: slightly textured
• Fixing: adhesive bonding with glue , Joints between panels with PVC welding rods.
• Colours: 32 standard


protection and covering panel from rigid and antibacterial PVC achieving Bs2d0 fire rating with solid colour and slightly textured surface. 3 m long, 1.30 m high, 2 mm thick.
• The level required for biocleaning should be validated for very high infectious risk areas such as operating theatres.

The chemical and mark resistance should have been proved on the usual cleaning products according to ISO 26987. The ease of nuclear decontamination according to ISO 8690 should be excellent.
No heavy metals are used in its manufacture. The emission level of volatile substance in inside air has been tested according to ISO 16000-6 and is very low (A+).
100% of the product are recyclable.

32 colours selected by architects from manufacturer’s standard range.
Installation method:
Glue as per manufacturer’s instructions.


Apricot 0022
Wicker 0007
Ultramarine 0019
Straw 0021
Slate 0033
Sienna 0009
Schicst 0005
sand 0008
Poppy 0028
Pebble 0011
Melon 0027
Meadow 0023
Magnolia 0034
Lavender grey 0015
Ivory 0006
Iris 0030
Greige 0012
Pebble 0011
Granite 0004
Glacier 0016
Garnet 0029
Flint 0032
Emerald 0025
Denim 0020
Cinnamon 0014
Chalk 0001
Bluebell 0017
Basalt 0036
Bark 0010
Bamboo 0024
Alum 0031
Azur 0018