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Product resilience

The activity of ever company is done by benefiting from the experienced technical staff and the most equipped and up-to-date tools; in this article, we examine the strength and durability of ever products in different sectors:

Impact resistance: ever products are engineered and designed to have maximum impact resistance. Based on the results of various tests and examinations, PVC panels can hit up to 300 joules, depending on the mass of the colliding object, and the wall shock absorbers can reach a mass of up to 320 kg at a speed of 3 kg / h without damage. Bear to the wall.

Hygiene and disinfection: To achieve the important issue that ever products have antibacterial properties, we have obtained a formula with various experiments, the result of which is a PVC product that kills 99% of bacteria in 24 hours. win. This is a very important feature for hospitals and all places where hygiene is important.

Scratch and scratch resistance: The texture designed on ever panels is a great solution to prevent scratches, in addition to creating a decorative and matte surface texture that can be easily disinfected and cleaned.

Resistance to stain: The wall protection panel ever has a very high resistance to stain and the stain of the material will not be permanent on the surface of the panel, even against the stain of materials such as; Betadine, a substance containing alcohol and iodine.

Fire resistance: ever products with a formula in accordance with modern European standards have a high fire resistance.